Review of JC Deen’s Workout – LGN365

Hey guys, so here’s the scoop.

I’ve thumbed through the manuals (“thumbed” through it on my iPad anyway), looked over everything and now have a lot of the details to share with you.

If you’re like me, spending 4 hours’ worth of pay ($85) on a workout isn’t an easy decision. In the end, though, LGN365 is actually worth it.

You may not look like JC Deen himself in only 4 weeks, but if you keep at it, there’s no reason why you couldn’t.

JC Deen at Different Stages

Here’s a good list of what you get.

Getting Started Main Manual – Table of contents

Why I Wrote This Course
Getting Your Mind Right
Determining Your Goals
Strength Training: A Recipe for Success
Nutrition FAQ & General Guidelines

Fat Loss Manual – Table of contents

Nutrition for Fat Loss
Training for Fat Loss
Fat Loss Training: Program I
Fat Loss Training: Program II
Fat Loss Training: Program III

Hypertrophy Manual – Table of contents

Nutrition for Size & Strength
Training for Size & Strength
Hypertrophy Training: Program I
Hypertrophy Training: Program II
Hypertrophy Training: Program III
Hypertrophy Training: Bonus+

Training Guide – Table of contents

LGN365 Training Guide
Warming Up, Training Tips & Quick Fixes

Recipe Handbook – Table of contents

The Sixty-Second Salad
Curry Kale Chips
Healthiest & Bestest Banana Bread Ever
Crazy Quick Crock-Pot Chili
Low-Carb Chicken and Kale Curry
About Derek

I actually got this list from Fitness B&W so it saved me a bit of typing, thanks! 🙂

In addition to these main manuals there are actually a few more things you get though. LGN365 also comes with a few Excel spreadsheet calculators, video interviews and some alternate exercise videos.

Excel Spreadsheet Calculators

Fat Loss Nutrition Calculator
Fat Loss Percentage Calculator
Muscle Gain Nutrition Calculator

Professional Interview Videos & Audio

Alan Aragon
Derek Doepker
John Romaniello
Leo Babauta
Rog Law

& 12 Exercise Demos

I got this list from this LGN365 website … another thank you!

Okay, so hopefully that gives you a little more info as to what you actually get. I tried to keep this as hype free as possible because I know how annoying that can get. In the end, the program is very solid and I highly recommend it.

If I would have had this a while ago I would have been able to save myself a lot of time… oh well!

Make sure to watch the video on Deen’s website too. He talks about his philosophy on training and you can tell by the way he comes across that he’s an honest guy.

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Video image of LGN365 and JC Deen