Benefits of Strength Training for Runners

Strength training is not usually part of the concerns of newbie runners.  It would seem like going to the gym to build muscles is the last thing they need for their running.  Some runners would not want to be bulkier as they feel that it could slow them down or make them tired only after(…)

Reasons To Choose Building Muscle With Body Weight Training

Are you thinking about improving the way that you look physically? You have probably seen many infomercials on television selling a variety of different products that are designed to help you lift weights and improve your overall physique. Many of these devices cost thousands of dollars, allowing you to build muscle and body mass using(…)

The Three Basics To Gaining Muscle Mass Fast

Go to any gym across the nation and you will see lots of guys attempting to get bigger muscles. Many of them fail though because they only focus on lifting the weights and not the other important aspects of the muscle building process. In the brief article below we will look at the three important(…)

Weight Lifting For Women Is Beneficial

There have been many comments made out there that weight lifting for women is not good and will hurt them, but this is not the case at all. Weight lifting is not just for the men out there, the women can reap the benefits from this as well. Weight lifting for women is very beneficial(…)

Weight Lifting For Men: Consider The Many Benefits

When guys consider weight lifting, they of course think of bulking up their muscles. But aren’t there many more benefits to weight lifting for men than just building muscle. The more you learn about a muscle building regimen as discussed on our LGN365 Review and how to implement in properly, the more you learn about(…)

Resting After A Workout Is More Important Than The Workout

Many people think that pushing it at the gym is all they have to do in order to get into shape. Yet what plays the biggest factor on getting results from a workout is how much you rest, and what you do during your resting period. Read this article to learn about the importance of(…)

Should I Get LGN365 or Visual Impact Muscle Building?

Gaining muscle seems to be the way to go for almost every guy interested in a great physic. However, the thought of going through the process of turning your body fat into muscle is strenuous. Through the normal process of gaining muscle, extra fat is added on which tends to never go away even at(…)

My Expericences Gaining Muscle

Ever since my childhood I have been skinny. Seems like whenever I saw those models or athletes I would envy them. In my mind I could only dream of having the muscles and physiques they had. So what did I do? I joined a gym and tried to build muscle, of course. Unfortunately I succeeded(…)

A Summary of the LGN365 Workout

It’s pretty common that the majority of us hate seeing ourselves in front of the mirror. The reasons are simple: flabby upper arms, sagging butt, bulged out belly and a soft torso. Even a person who goes to the gym or works out at home regularly will never be perfectly proportionate.