Reasons To Choose Building Muscle With Body Weight Training

Are you thinking about improving the way that you look physically? You have probably seen many infomercials on television selling a variety of different products that are designed to help you lift weights and improve your overall physique. Many of these devices cost thousands of dollars, allowing you to build muscle and body mass using their weight training machines. You might also have a membership in the local fitness club that has several different machines that you can use to build your biceps, triceps, and all of the other muscles on your body. But if you would like to try something that does not involve the use of weight machines, you might want to seriously consider building muscle mass with your own body weight. In this article, we will present a couple different reasons why you should choose building muscle with body weight training instead of traditional free weights or machines.

Body Weight Training And Endurance

One of the benefits to using weight training machines is that it is very easy to work out by yourself without the use of someone to spot you when you are lifting free weights. It is also possible to quickly switch from one type of exercise to the other, depending upon how many machines are available. But one of the things that weight training machines tend to avoid is building up personal endurance. Unless you are doing a vigorous circuit training workout that involves utilizing many different muscle groups in a short period of time, your endurance levels will more than likely remain the same if you were simply doing regular exercises. When you are using your entire body weight for your exercise routine, however, your endurance will automatically improve. This has to do with how much weight you are actually lifting for each exercise which, depending upon how much you weigh, can be significant. Also, there are even more benefits to just improving endurance.

“When you do bodyweight exercises, you simultaneously increase strength, endurance and flexibility. You also strengthen the heart and lungs and improve the functioning of all internal organs.” – Matt Furey

Body Weight Training And Losing Weight

Another beneficial aspect of body weight training opposed to lifting regular weight is that you stand a better chance of losing weight during the weightlifting process. As we mentioned before, you are actually utilizing your entire body weight, or a significant portion of it, with each exercise that you do with body weight training. Therefore, it will be much more strenuous to do these types of exercises then it would lifting smaller amounts of weight for your regular weightlifting routines. As a result, not only will you build muscle mass very quickly, but you will lose additional weight as your body uses your fat stores for extra energy that will definitely be necessary with these high intensity workouts. This is yet another reason why you should be building muscle with body weight training instead of using traditional weights for your workouts.

In conclusion, although it is possible to use workout machines that utilize weights on your own and build a significant amount of muscle mass and strength, by building muscle with body weight training, not only will you build muscle mass rapidly, but your endurance will improve as well. As an added benefit, because of how strenuous it is to use your body weight for these exercise routines, your body will naturally use the fat stores that you have been carrying around, converting the fat to energy, allowing you to lose weight as you are building muscle mass. Hopefully you will try bodyweight training at some point as a result of reading these tips and suggestions. If your goal is to build muscle mass, endurance, and lose a little weight, you really can’t go wrong with building muscle with bodyweight training.