My Expericences Gaining Muscle

Ever since my childhood I have been skinny. Seems like whenever I saw those models or athletes I would envy them. In my mind I could only dream of having the muscles and physiques they had. So what did I do? I joined a gym and tried to build muscle, of course.

Unfortunately I succeeded very little. To make matters worse, I had a long way to go before I was even close to where I wanted to be.

In the meantime I had to start a new job which took away most of my time. Because of this my workouts were falling out of schedule. Finally, after years of trying and failing I  eventually got to the way I wanted myself to be. Since then I’ve been researching and reading as much as possible to find the easiest (as in simple and yet most effective) fitness techniques for getting fit and for staying fit.

The latest workout and diet program that I’ve come across is LGN 365.  In this article, I’ll tell you why I only wish I had a solid program (like this one) to follow.

Based on facts, not theories

What I loved most about this program is the scientific approach it had. I have switched between three different workout programs mainly due to their strict regimes. And since I had to follow a particular diet pattern, in spite of which I never saw the results I wanted, the workouts still never suited my lifestyle.

The best part of this workout program was it changed my viewpoint on how long it can take to see results. This confidence was possible as I had a very clear picture of what I had to do. Get the results!

This program offers a very adaptable and flexible approach towards fitness, which motivates not only people like me to build muscle but also people who are trying to bring their body shape into a proper proportion.

Yes, this program targets all sorts of audiences besides the bodybuilders, weightlifters, athletes, trainers, and other health personalities.

Many people like me who understand nothing about how to build muscles and wonder what the right method is, find this workout to be one of the best solutions out there. The workout also discovers the individual and common problems people like me have, which leads to a situation of being overweight or not having enough muscle base.

It connects with the masses … but this time that’s a good thing.

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The Various Training Methods

The basic equation of this workout is, ‘RPT+RP-WT’. Here, RPT refers to Reverse Pyramid Training, RP refers to Reverse Pause training, and WT refers to the Wasted time.

The Reverse Pyramid Training helped me in the following ways:

  • Improved my maximum strength.
  • Maintained my muscle despite my varied diet.
  • It built my strength as well as muscles quicker than I imagined it would.

The Rest-Pause Training helped me to:

  • Build my muscles without having to lift those super heavy weights every time.
  • It brought down my training time to almost 50% of what other training programs have promised.

No Wasted Time

  • Of course there was not a single minute wasted anymore in any other training programs or exercises.

The Customized Tips Offered by LGN365

Every individual has different requirements when it comes to their body requirements and muscle building. Some would just want to lose weight while some, like I, would struggle to build muscles. Keeping the needs of different individuals in mind, it was JC Deen who developed this program, which offers the right solution for just about every user.

I know many friends of mine who have felt the same too.

The logical and scientific explanations help you to understand the entirety of the program. The best part is, I did not have to starve and I certainly got to have all the necessary nutrients for my type of body.

The program provided me with every tip on how much to eat, when to eat, what to eat, and never stopped me from my favorite ice creams, peanuts, and pastries.

I only wish I had learned about LGN365 way back during my teens. However, it is better late than never.

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