Weight Lifting For Women Is Beneficial

There have been many comments made out there that weight lifting for women is not good and will hurt them, but this is not the case at all. Weight lifting is not just for the men out there, the women can reap the benefits from this as well. Weight lifting for women is very beneficial because it builds muscle that women do not naturally have a lot of, helps them to not have back pain later on in life and fights cancer.

Naturally women are most likely to be weaker than men in the sense that they do not carry with them the muscle mass that men do. Statistics have proven that women actually start to lose muscle after the age of thirty so the importance of building muscle while they are young is great indeed. To be able to attend even household chores it is useful to have muscle to carry things around. While a women is young is the time to consider weight lifting to build muscle for their later years in life.

Many women fight the pains of a weak lower back which can effect them in their day to day life as well as being pregnant. When a women engages in weight lifting she will strengthen her lower back which will give her the strength to lift and carry things as well as not be in nagging pain. Weight lifting provides strength to the abdominal region of the body because many weight lifting moves require that one use their core to balance and hold them in control. Having a strong core can definitely contribute to a women having a strong lower back as well. The core is the power house to the upper part of a women’s body and can either give support or weakness to a women’s structure.

Weight lifting for women also contributes to fighting cancer attaching properties in the body.

Oftentimes breast cancer survivors were told to steer clear of weight lifting — or even carrying their children or heavy grocery bags, because doctors thought it could worsen the swelling. The new study, the largest to date, seems to contradict that recommendation. – cnn.com

Any time that a someone is exercising their body whether that be weight lifting or cardio involved exercising they are fighting against the odds of getting cancer at some point in their life. Any time that you are sweating and working out you are releasing hundreds of toxins that are in your body from what you intake in the food you eat which decreases your chance of getting cancer. Lifting weights is definitely a form of exercise which will help a women lower her chances of getting cancer.

Weight lifting for women is beneficial in so many different ways such as building muscle that they may not have naturally as men do, Strengthen their lower back and abdominal region as well as fight against cancer. When women think of the words “weight lifting” they tend to think of the women that are huge on television seeking awards. Weight lifting for women does not have to be extreme, rather it can simply be lifting a weight that is a little heavier than comfortable and adding some strength to her body for her own good.